California Fresh Farmers' Market Update

End of Summer 2018

Thank you so much for your loyal support of our farming families!

Important News

A little bug poses a huge threat to California agriculture. It's called the Oriental Fruit Fly and several flies have been found recently in Sacramento, specifically near the intersection of Stockton Boulevard and Elder Creek Road.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) will be working to eradicate this insect so it doesn't get a chance to reproduce and lay waste to California's crops.

Many of our markets are within the large quarantine zone (see map in the photo below) which means most fruits and some vegetables will be safeguarded at the farmers' stands, currently with plastic or netted barrier materials.


The concern is that farmers entering and exiting our quarantine zone with their produce could be putting their own growing areas at risk.

The CDFA, with the cooperation of the public, have successfully eradicated this fly in the past, saving millions of dollars in potential loss. We are hoping for similar success in this instance.

More information can be found here:

On behalf of our farmers, thanks for your patience and understanding. Please help spread the word.

Other Important News

The Tuesday Certified Farmers' Markets at  
Roosevelt Park and Fremont Park are open TODAY and all the way through September 25th
The Wednesday Certified Farmers' Market at
Cesar Chavez Plaza will be open tomorrow and  
all the way through October's end, on Halloween!
The Thursday Certified Farmers' Market on
Capitol Mall will be open
all the way through September 27th